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Absolutely! We understand that your website is a vital tool for communication that needs to accurately represent your brand and effectively engage and serve your customers. Every business has unique needs so whether it be a visually stunning information site, a powerful online shop with a huge catalogue of products, or anything in between, we'll make sure your online presence works hard for your business.

Rates can cover a fairly broad range depending on the scope of the project and the type of work involved. For example, a system design and development project might be charged by the day, as opposed to a website build which is usually a set number of hours. Long projects typically have a lower hourly rate than short projects. The smart move is to book in a consultation and when we understand what you need, we can have a chat about costs.

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It's an extensive process of research, analysis and evaluation cross referenced with the phases of the moon and number of daylight hours available. Just kidding. It's as straight forward as finding out exactly what you need and costing the time and resources required to deliver the solution.

If we can provide a solution, then definitely.

Proposals are critical in laying out exactly what is needed and what will be delivered so there are no surprises for either of us. If there is something in our proposal that we've overlooked or that you're uncomfortable with, just let us know and we'll see what we can do.

The key to getting exceptional outcomes is to hire people with exceptional skills. DK Digital Village (because it takes a village...) is a network of talented graphic designers, marketers and other specialists that will jump in to any project when needed to ensure you get an exceptional result.

So yes, we can absolutely help with your graphic design needs also.

DK Digital Systems is proud to support local businesses, groups and activities. We have a small amount of resources available each year and would be pleased to hear about your initiatives. Please send an email with all the details and we'll be in touch asap to discuss how we can help.

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